I went out to walk/explore in hopes of finding something to climb on to.  When I  say “something” I normally mean a building of some sort.  I guess I could climb a tree if I really wanted to but it doesn’t give the sense of urban exploration when you’re in an urban area.  I’m in Boston at the moment so I headed up north to Lowell, about a 45-50 minute train ride, where I used to live as a kid 10-11 years ago.  This time I decided not to take my dslr because I was an idiot.  Although it did make my bag lighter and more comfortable to walk around with it really was something I could’ve dealt with.  I did have my phone though so that would have to suffice.

This is the Middlesex Community College Library.  I did not take this picture; I found it online.  I climbed to the rooftop thanks to the scaffold  encompassing the building (It’s currently undergoing remodeling.)  It was dark out so hiding in the buildings shadow was pretty simple.  I’ve drawn in red where the scaffold was and the arrow is where the stairs/ladders to get to the top planks were.  Unfortunately, since the main way to get up there was too exposed to the street as well as being lit by a wall lamp attached to the building, I opted climbing through the back.  The exciting part is that I had to climb from the outside of the scaffold to get to the wooden planks at the top.  Although It wasn’t that high compared to other buildings around, It was still pretty nerve wrecking getting up and over because even at that height I could get seriously hurt, especially not being able to see the bottom clearly at night.  But oh well, my desire to do something exciting was satisfied.  For now.


The top has a higher roof that is slanted and accessible via a ladder. I got up there, laid on my back and stared at the moon for a couple of minutes.

And now, prepare yourself for the pictures that I did take.  I assure you they would have looked decent if it had been daytime.

If you were standing in front of the library and facing it, those other buildings would be on your left.
Same as above except this side would be on your right.
The barely visible loop on the left is a ladder that goes down to a lower roof.
I’m guessing ventilation and electrical storage.

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