Back to the West

On the 11th of February I moved back to California.  I really enjoyed living in Boston; it was great because everything was so readily available within a walking/bus/ train riding distance.  But I decided I wanted to live closer to my family and if I decided to move away again, it would be in a neighboring state such as Oregon.  So I am back home for now and it felt quite nice surprising everyone.  It’s probably important if I tell you only my sister knew of my coming.  My mother, father and two other siblings had no idea.  They were clueless.  And that’s exactly how I wanted it to be.  We all hugged and were merry and so I am glad.  I’m glad that they are glad.  Now I must start planning what my next steps are which so far consist of the following:  enroll into college again, go exploring the desert for abandoned places, save money to visit England and finally, go skydiving or base jumping.  I guess you could say these are my goals for this year although the list will start growing as the year progresses.  At first glance, this picture of a laundromat may not make sense with what this paragraph is about.  But if you read this far, then you will now know that this laundromat was near the house I used to live in and is a place I enjoyed going to as well.  I liked waiting for my clothes to wash and dry not only because I would have clean clothes but because I could pace around and sit while thinking or playing Sudoku on my phone.



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