Going out for a stroll

I can’t seem to fall asleep so I will do something.  I will tell you about my walk yesterday.  Yesterday was a very warm day; I say warm and not hot because unfortunately it tends to get a lot hotter than just warm over here in Southern California.  So basically, yesterday was a good day.

It was such a peaceful and refreshing walk though, one that let me ask a few questions to the man up above.  Eventually, I started getting sweaty so the stroll got a bit annoying because my glasses kept sliding down my nose but it was worth it, especially when the gusts of wind rushed by and hugged me.

It would have been interesting if the wind had picked me up and taken me away.  And then it would have sucked because it would have dropped me.

I got home eventually and was glad I had done this because normally it’s not something I would do.  I hope to keep at it with these inspiring walks because besides them being inspiring, they’re healthy for me and make my heart happy.  I hope this made sense.  Like I said, I can’t seem to fall asleep but I am tired.  Maybe it’s due to the fact that I don’t have to wake up early so I’m just like: ehhh I’ll just sleep in.  Whatever the case may be I wish you all a happy weekend.



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