The perks of perceiving

Tuna, why are you so freaking delicious

History book
Brothers eye
Front view of brothers eye
Sisters eye; she uses glasses
I use glasses as well (Sister took this one)


  1. How did you take those photographs of your brothers and sisters eyes? I have been wanting to try this for a long time but don’t think my lens will get lose enough, any tips? ps brilliant photographs

    1. Hi Sophie! I used a Canon 550d with the kit lens(18-55mm) and the Fotodiox macro extension tube that I got off Amazon for about $11. I think they have one for Nikon cameras as well…I had whoever was available shine a flashlight from a cellphone unto the eye. For the first two photos the light was shined from the front and for the last two photos the light was shined close to the side of the eye (eye got really watery).
      Thanks so much!


      1. i just tried it out with my macro lens and filters. its a LOT harder than I thought it would be. I’m going to try it again tomorrow with daylight and artificial lighting too so i can use the fastest shutter speed possible so minimise movement.

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